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September Reading Rewards

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Let's Read RI was at North Kingstown Kindergarten Orientation over the weekend where we gave away over 300 copies of local author Susan Letendre's book Bonnie, Our Backyard Bunny.

Every incoming Kindergarten student in the district received a copy of the book in an effort to begin each child's school career off with a book for them to take home as their own.  We hope this will help get kids excited about reading and begin to foster a love of reading in our students.
Our Summer Bookbags are still available for $10 each at the Southern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce and the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce.  Or by emailing

Bridging The Gap

In partnership with Bridging the Gap, LRRI has stocked community free libraries at Kings Crossing and Heritage Housing Developments. Children from these communities no longer have to wait for a ride to the local library to get something new to read. With a short walk, they will have over 100 books to choose from ranging from fun fiction to educational non-fiction. These libraries will be run on the traditional borrow and return system and LRRI will add titles to grow these libraries over the next year.

Library Summer Programs

LRRI is excited to announce that our bookmark reward program will be extended to participants of the North Kingstown and Davisville Public Libraries this summer. Children that enrolled in either libraries summer reading programs will receive bookmarks as they meet their weekly reading goals redeemable for a slice of pizza at Pier Pizza NK.

Summer Bookbags

Summer Bookbags now available at the Southern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce.  Purchase online coming soon.

Stay tuned for more info on the bags as well as summer events LRRI will be at with our table, bags and books!

Partner Spotlight

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